Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mac Monogram "Couture" collection release 27th november 2008

Thanks to a lovely member of Specktra I stumbled upon some pictures of the upcoming Mac collection Monogram, that will be coming out November 27th 2008 in the U.S.A.

Every year Mac releases an extra luxurious (small) collection with very special packaging and items that are more luxurious then their normal collections.....

Do you remember last years The Stylistics collection, with the very beautifull packaging with pearls and stones...that was soooo pretty!

This year the "couture" collection is all about gold, red and fire.....Here you will find some small pics, thanks to Kimoko !!

This is the colour and product information for this collection:
Lipstick: (LE) - $22.00USD
Flourish - Frosty mid-tone red (frost)
All Mine - Creamy mid-tone blue pink (frost)
Marque - Soft light neutral pink (frost)
Status Symbol – Warm mid-tone reddish brown (frost)
Lipglass: (LE) - $22.00USD

Posh Life – Mid-tone bright pink with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
Identity – Pale baby pink with gold pearlized pigments
Distinguished – Sheer yellow beige with gold pearlized pigments
Monodramatic – Bronzy brown with gold pearlized pigments
Sheerspark Pressed Powder: (LE) - $26.00USD

Commemorate - Frosted pale gold with gold pearlized pigments
Keepsake – Frosted pale pink with gold pearlized pigments
Personal Touch – Frosted light peach with pink pearlized pigments
Old English – Frosted light bronzed with gold pearlized pigments
Sheer Mystery Powder: (LE) - $50.00USD

Light Medium – Pale Ivory
Medium Plus – Tan beige
Dark Secret – Deep Caramel
Brushes: (LE)

129 Monogram SE - $45.00USD
224 Monogram SE - $35.00USD
Fragrance: (LE) $70.00USD

Two 15 ml fragrance vials packaged in a pouch made of faux patent with a metallic finish. The fragrances are Turquatic Heat and Air d'Style.
Clutch: (LE) $65.00USD

Glossy patent clutch in midnight red with red and gold monogram plaque/closure
Well....the items are pretty expensive, but a real Mac addict like me, won't be held back by this.....I will be buying at least one brush, I think the # 129 because I have the #224 from The Stylistics....
I won't be getting any of the Sheerspark Sparkling Powders,I think, because I just don't use them....they are not pigmented enough for eyeshadow and too glittery to put anywhere else on my face in daily use....
And I'm not sure about the Sheer Mystery powder, although the powder is great, I don't think the colors are right for me....
What will you be buying or wanting?? ;-)


Anonymous said...

i think i am definitely going to get a lipstick and a lipglass. great for any collection. also maybe a brush =)

Grayburn said...

The perfumes and brushes look great! Thanks for the heads-up on this :)


viagra said...

The perfumes are very good, I gave one to my girlfriend a few months ago, and wow everytime she used it it get me so excited.