Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great news about the newest collections...

Great news!!!! Even when I'm on vacation, beauty scoops never stop....two days ago I've received great news from my Mac seller! She offered me samples of the upcoming collections....the Manish Aurora, Ungaro and Red she said collections....if I was interested???? Sure I was, so I ordered everything she had....I hope to receive it when I get back from vacation, but this will take at least 10's so hard to wait and be patient!!

But to give you some scoops (or maybe you already know this....), in the Red she said collections the Dazzleglasses will make a comeback, some old like Sugarrimmed, Love alert, Baby Sparks and Date night but also a new one, Miss Dynamite!!

And in this collection will also be Mineralized Eyeshadow trio's!!!! That's a new item for Mac, I will get 8 of them but I'm not sure if this is the full collection....these are some of the names Inter-view, Persuasive, Outspoken, Dangermouth and Threesome.

And news that I powder blushes will also be a part of this collection, Enough said and Stark Naked are names of new blushes......

And many more nice stuff is coming my way!! Just be patient for a little while and be sure to check back here for pics and swatches!!!


Monday, July 14, 2008

I <3 Mac Mineralize Skinfinishes.....

Today I just wanted to share my love for Mac Mineralized Skinfinishes, a.k.a. MSF's!!! I guess I'm not the only one who loves these pretty babies since they are probably the most wanted Mac item.....and since they only come in limited collection's they are sometimes really hard to find!!

But this fall new MSF's will most likely come out, for sure with the new Mineralize collection and maybe even with another collection.....

In my collection I have now 16 MSF's and I'm still missing out on Pleasureflush (the first MSF) and Lightscapade, especially Pleasureflush is very hard to find and will cost a fortune (say $ 80-100) if you find one.

I do have my favorites but they change from time to the moment I love Gold Deposit but I try to use a different one everyday!

Do any of you have MSF's? And which are your favorites?? Here are the pictures of my collection......

Friday, July 11, 2008

Electroflash Polar Opposites EOTD

Well.....I wanted to try some of my Electroflash eyeshadows tonight, so I tried to copy the Mac facechart Polar Opposites....not really my own creation, but I did it by myself anyway!!

I also tried the Penultimate eyeliner from the Chill collection and I had to say that it worked out great!!!! It's very easy to use and gives a great result, the coverage is perfect and it's really black, not grey.....I think many ladies will love Mac for creating this eyelinerpen,because it is really very simple to use!! I'm sure now everone can create a perfect eyeliner....

This is what I used and were everything is put.....;-)


Fill in brows with Concrete Eye Shadow and a 266 Brush. Pat on Blackground Paint Pot to the lids with a 239 Brush, followed by Hot Contrast (solid shade) Mineralize Eye Shadow in the inner and outer portion of the eye. Apply Polar Opposite (solid shade) Mineralize Eye Shadow to the centre of the eye and blend easily using a 213 Brush. Starting from the corner of the upper lashline apply Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner. Using a 219 Brush, shade the whole lower lashline with Hot Contrast (solid shade) Mineralize Eye Shadow and Polar Opposite (marble shade) Mineralize Eye Shadow. Slather on Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mac eyeshadows for sale....BNIB

Dear readers.....if you're interested.....I have for sale 2 brand new Mac eyeshadow quads from the upcoming Cult of Cherry collection. This collection will come out August 21st but these quads I have are available for shipping right away!!

The quads are unused, never swatched and BNIB, but they are marked/labeled as sample. They are normal full size quads, just like the ones you buy in the stores.

If you're interested, you can mail me your offer excluding shipping, the shipping charges will depend on the location where you are located. Please send your offer to

These are the quads, the Spiced Chocolate Quad (SOLD)

And the Tempting quad

Please check my blog for more info about the Cult of Cherry collection and swatches of these gorgeous quads!!!

For the girls/members of my Dutch make-up and beautyforum I sometimes buy a lot of Mac items, which I will sell to them.

But maybe some of my other European readers are also interested in them?? Just send me an email at and I will give you a total including shipping charges.

The Mac eyeshadows are 100 % authentic, never used or swatched and BNIB (Brand New In Box), they are EUR 11,50 a piece plus shippingcharges (depending or where you live, but it will only be the real charges charged by TNT Post).
These are the colours I have at this moment...
Row 1 : Pink Freeze (2X) and Phloof!
Row 2 : Gleam, Digit and Chill
Row 1: Electra, Bisque and Illegal Cargo
Row 2 : Meet the Fleet, Bold & Brazen and Lotusland (both Starflash collection, will only sell for a good offer!)
Row 3 : Pandamonium (2X)
Row 4: Swiss Chocolate & Teal Blue (both refills)

Swatches of the Chill lipglasses

I swatched the Chill lipglasses on my lips today and they are really fun!! They are not all my colours, because they are cool-toned somewhat...but the Naked Frost and Icescape look great I think!

The Snowscene lipglass reminds me a lot of the Dazzleglasses, the glitter in it won't come of easy.....;-)

All these pictures are mine and mine alone....if you would like to use them, I would appreciate a message or at least a link to thise blog! Also please do not hotlink.....XXX

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Chill stuff arrived!!!

About two weeks ago I got the chance to buy some items from an upcoming Mac collection, the Chill collection. This is a very early preview because the collection will not be released untill January 2009!!!

Untill now there's nothing known about this collection, even the forummembers at Specktra didn't have much information.

A new item in this collection is the Penultimate Eyeliner, an eyeliner in een pen-shape. I haven't tried it yet but it seems that this would enable many people to create a beautiful eyeliner without having to use a brush.

The lipglasses of this collection look really beautiful, they all have a lot of very fine glitter in them, it was a bit hard to make swatches on my skin because the colors are very sheer.
The eyeshadows are also very glittery, except for the Apres-ski which is a matte eyeshadows. The Mont Black eyeshadow has beautiful golden glitters!!!

I will post my findings about these items in another post!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FOTD using Electroflash & Sonic Chic

Today I finally had some time to record some video's to put up on Youtube......they are not all uploaded yet, but they will be tomorrow!!

I did a look using the Electroflash eyeshadow Hot Contrast, the Sonic Chic blush Gentle and the Electroflash lipstick Fast Thrill....amongst others.

I also used:
Cle de Peau concealer in Ochre
Laura Mercier mineral foundation Pure Honey
Mac Blot powder dark
Mac Paintpot Bare Study
Mac Plushlash mascara

These are the results.....

The eyeshadow is very pigmented, I was suprised a little bit because the other ones I own are not as pigmented as these....but I was happily surprised!
The blushes from Sonic Chic are really great, they have super colour pay off and no shimmer....not like the MSF's at all, but they are great nonetheless! And very pigmented too....use these carefully,because it's easy to apply to much on your brush. Oh....they are best to apply with a flat top brush I think or with the 181 brush that comes with this collection!
This is the whole look! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Video review about Sonic Chic and New View

Well.....I just did a review on the upcoming New View and Sonic Chic collections and put it out on Youtube.....hope you enjoy it!

It's kinda difficult to understand me and I hate that!!! But I just can't get the microphone to work right.....sorry about that!! Will try to do better next time....