Saturday, June 28, 2008

Starflash collection pictures

On July 31st 2008 Mac will release another new collection, the Starflash collection. In this collection you will find 12 new eyeshadows and 4 repromotes of Kohl Power pencils. This is the full colour story:


Dreammaker - Frosty yellow gold
Grand Entrance - Frosty neutral pink beige
Bold & Brazen - Frosty light copper
Sunset B. - Frosty mid-tone pink
Lotusland - Pinky lavender with gold pearl
Talent pool - Blue green with gold pearl
Mink & Sable - Olive green
Smoke & Diamonds - Frosty dirty taupe
Go - Frosted bronze
Glamour Check! - Reddish brown
Top Hat - Dirty Indigo
Star by Night - Mid-tone blue

Kohl Powers Eye Pencils

Raven - Black with red pearl (LE) (Repromote from Smoke Signals)
Orpheus - Black with gold pearl (LE) (Repromote from Smoke Signals)
Feline - Rich black (LE) (Repromote from Blue Storm and Alexander McQueen for MAC)
Mystery - Black with green and teal pearl (LE) (Repromote from Blue Storm)


Zoomlash - Zoomblack

I have all of the eyeshadows and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by them, the colours are very wearable for almost everyone, there are some neutrals but the colour pay off for all of them is pretty good, so the brightly coloured ones can make a nice coloured look also!

Í haven't used all of them, but today I'm wearing the Dreammaker on my innerlid and as a highlight, Bronze in the outer corner and lower lashline and Bold & Brazen in the crease. This is a beautiful combo and the look is neutral but the colours show up very good, even on my NC42 skin.

I will be swatching them later today but I will post pictures of them to start of with!

Keep posted!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pigment samples Overrich & Colourforms sold out.....

Thanks girls, for giving me such great response on my pigment sample sale!!! For now all the Colourforms and Overrich pigment samples are sold out.....The orders which I've received today will be send, but they will be the last ones....not everyone who has emailed me has received an answer but they will tonight.

All previous orders have been send, some of you have already received them I understand, but all these orders were send within Europe.....

But if you're interested in buying other Mac pigment samples, please let me know because I have more then 40 full size pigments from which I can make samples....

Thanks again, babes!!!!

First scoop new Mac collection january 2009!!!

Wow....I've just received great news that I haven't heard about anything about until now.....

Mac will be releasing a very "cool" collection as of January 2009....the Chill collection.....

I've seen some names and it's sounds very interesting, there is something called an Penultimate eyeliner, some eyeshadows with interesting names: apres-ski, artic grey, mont black & wintersky and lipglasses : frozen dream, icescape, naked frost & snow scene....

Sorry, I haven't seen the products so I can not help you out with colour- or product descriptions but I hope I can add more info later on.

And maybe I can even show you a preview in a short while......
Edit : Well.....there seems to be some items coming up on Ebay from this collection...this is a picture of Ice Scape l/g, thanks to AudreyNicole of

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Overrich pigment swatches

Swatches from the Overrich pigments......Enjoy!!!

More info about the pigment sample sale...

I've got more information about the shipping charges of the pigment samples. I live in The Netherlands, so shipping within Europe is cheaper then the rest of the world, which is everywhere except Europe!

To keep think simple I will give you the prices for Europe and for the rest of the world:


1/4 tsp. Pigment sample EUR 2,00 a piece

Shipping for 1 sample EUR 0,75

Shipping for 2-6 samples EUR 1,50

Shipping for 7-13 samples EUR 2,25

Shipping for more then 14 samples EUR 3,00

Rest of the world (Asia, America, Australia etc...)

1/4 tsp. pigment sample USD/$ 3.00 a piece

Shipping for 1 sample $ 1.45

Shipping for 2-6 samples $ 2.90

Shipping for 7-13 samples $ 4.35

Shipping for more then 14 samples $ 5.75

The shipping charges include priority mail without delivery confirmation and a new bubble wrap envelope.

I also have many more other pigments so if you are interested in other pigments samples you can also ask for them! I will post a list of my pigments soon......

If you would like to order, please send me a email with your adress and your paypal adress, I will send you an invoice by Paypal a.s.a.p.!

Colour Forms Richmetal Highlighters.....<3

The Colour Forms collection will be a big ones and it includes many "new" products, which is always nice!!! In the case of the Richmetal Highlighter is not really true because they have been part of the Mac Couture collection which was released in November 2006. Anyway....there are some new colors....

Ones of the best products of this collection is the Richmetal Highlighter, this is a creamy eyeshadow which is very sheer and will do a perfect job as a highlighter all over...not just on your eyes. This is the description Mac has given :

Richmetal Highlighter is a highlighter that can be used to create intense, multi-dimensional, metallic-looking effects on the skin.

They are the same size as the Cream Colour Base, but much different in texture. They are not sticky at all and you can build & blend with them.....they are really nice. I apply them with my finger(which works great!) or with the #217 brush, they even make a good base for pigments and they do not crease!!! I've used them all alone and with UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and everything stayed put!!

There are 6 in the collection, these are the colours:

Female - Frosty pale pink w/ green gold pearlized pigments
Deep Deposit - Frosty deep blackened burgandy
Quick Flash - Frosty warm gold
Rose Bullion - Frosty mid-tone pink w/ gold pearlized pigments
Dark Influence - Frosty purple w/ pink pearlized pigments
Positive Charge - Frosty copper w/ gold pearlized pigments

Here are pictures and swatches from 5 of the RM Highlighters, I still have to make a picture of Dark Influence......stay tuned for that!

Overrich pigment pictures

As I promised yesterday, here are the pictures of the pigments from the upcoming Overrich collection.

This collection will be release in September 2008, no exact date is known, the collection will only have pigments just like last years Rushmetal collection. This is the colour story:

Blonde's Gold - Light tan with gold and white pearl (LE)
Antique Green - Turquoise green with gold pearl (LE)
Vintage Gold - Tarnished green with green pearl (LE)
Museum Bronze - Rich taupe with gold pearl (LE)
Mauvement - Cool taupe with gold pearl (LE) (Repromote from
Mega-Rich - Frosty burnt orange with gold pearl (LE)
Copperbeam - Rusted brown with red pearl (LE)
Heritage Rouge - Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl (LE)

I will swatch them later today!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mac pigments samples for sale, colour forms & overrich

I have a limited number of 1/4 tsp. samples from the upcoming Colour Forms and Overrich collections for sale!!
I will make pigment samples in a screwtop 5 gr. sample jar, the jars are new and never used. They will cost $ 3.00 each, I will ship anywhere in the world and the shipping fees are the normale shipping rates here in The Netherlands plus $ 0.40 for a bubble wrap envelope. So it just depends on how many samples you buy.....

In the thread about the Colour Forms collection, you can see pictures of the pigments and swatches. I will post pictures of the Overrich pigments tomorrow....also I will post a picture of an example of a pigment sample.

These are the colours I have:

Colour Forms
Circa Plum
Gilded Green
Tea Time
Steel Blue
Royal Flush

Heritage Rouge
Antique Green
Vintage Gold
Museum Bronze
Blonde's Gold
Mega Rich

I accept payment by Paypal, but will only ship out once the payment is cleared! I will ship the same day the payment is cleared. I do have 100 % feedback on Ebay, so please check this out if you like, my username is Lushiousbeauty.

Please email me or leave a message here, I will get back to you a.s.a.p.!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Cult of Cherry swatches and pictures

Here are the pictures and swatches from the other 2 Cult of Cherry quads, the Spiced Chocolate and Shadowy Lady quads.

I've also swatched 3 of the mattene lipstick from this collection and they look very beautiful. At first sight you would think the colours are similar, but when swatched they are very different.

I've also received 2 lipsticks (So Scarlet and Lightly Ripe) and 2 lipglasses (Rich & Ripe and Cherry Blossom) that I will swatch tomorrow.

All 3 quads look beautiful and except for the shadowy lady quad were easy to apply. Shadowy Lady seems a bit hard to apply, I don't know why but I'll try to use it this weekend, so I can do a further review about it.

You will also see a EOTD, I used the Spiced Chocolate quad and I love the colours of it.....hope you like it too!

Colour Forms USA release (Nordstrom only!) pigments

The upcoming Coloursform collection from Mac is also a highly anticipated collection, unfortunately for some of us it will be sold at Nordstrom only (Nordstrom is a high-end department store in the USA). But there are some other places in the world were this collection will also be available, unfortunately not in The Netherlands where I live.

So you can imagine I was very thrilled to receive quite a few items from this collection!! By the way, the collection will be available on July, 19th....

These are the pictures and swatches from the pigments from this collection, these are the colour descriptions that Mac has got for them:

Royal Flush - Frosty mid-tone red
Gilded Green - Frosty mid-tone green w/ gold pearlized pigments
Tea Time - Bronzed brown w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Jardin Aires - Tan w/ gold pearlized pigments (Repromote from Strange Hybrid and Heatherette) not in the picture....
Circa Plum - Frosty mid-tone lavender
Steel Blue - Rich deep turquoise greenblue w/ small pearlized pigments (PRO)

This weekend I will be selling some samples from the jars I have, I will sell 1/4 tsp in a screw top sample jar for $ 3.00 plus shipping. I will ship anywhere in the world, shipping is not too expensive unless you would like to have delivery confirmation, more details will follow!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cult of Cherry collection Fall 2008

And Mac will release another great collection this fall, the highly anticipated Cult of Cherry collection!!

I will post the color story and more product pictures tomorrow, so come back later!

This is the Tempting quad and some swatches, made on my NC42 skin, no base and applied with an #239 brush.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electro Flash swatches and pictures

I've also received 6 of the mineralized eyeshadows from the upcoming Electro Flash collection. And I have to say, they look better then I imagined.

I'm not a great mineralize e/s lover, because usually the color payoff is minimal, great for a light wash of color with glitters but not very pigmented. But in the case, it's very different, the pigmentation of the e/s is very good,especially the "mono" part of the duo e/s. The "melange" half of the e/s is more sheer, but that works great together!

I will try to do some comparisions with other e/s soon, so keep posted for more!!