Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mac eyeshadows for sale....BNIB

Dear readers.....if you're interested.....I have for sale 2 brand new Mac eyeshadow quads from the upcoming Cult of Cherry collection. This collection will come out August 21st but these quads I have are available for shipping right away!!

The quads are unused, never swatched and BNIB, but they are marked/labeled as sample. They are normal full size quads, just like the ones you buy in the stores.

If you're interested, you can mail me your offer excluding shipping, the shipping charges will depend on the location where you are located. Please send your offer to

These are the quads, the Spiced Chocolate Quad (SOLD)

And the Tempting quad

Please check my blog for more info about the Cult of Cherry collection and swatches of these gorgeous quads!!!

For the girls/members of my Dutch make-up and beautyforum I sometimes buy a lot of Mac items, which I will sell to them.

But maybe some of my other European readers are also interested in them?? Just send me an email at and I will give you a total including shipping charges.

The Mac eyeshadows are 100 % authentic, never used or swatched and BNIB (Brand New In Box), they are EUR 11,50 a piece plus shippingcharges (depending or where you live, but it will only be the real charges charged by TNT Post).
These are the colours I have at this moment...
Row 1 : Pink Freeze (2X) and Phloof!
Row 2 : Gleam, Digit and Chill
Row 1: Electra, Bisque and Illegal Cargo
Row 2 : Meet the Fleet, Bold & Brazen and Lotusland (both Starflash collection, will only sell for a good offer!)
Row 3 : Pandamonium (2X)
Row 4: Swiss Chocolate & Teal Blue (both refills)

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Anonymous said...

i wish you had illegal cargo in palette form =[ i would buy it but the one in the actual case takes up too much space in my limited make up holder..