Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mac for Manish Arora collection, release

Well.....I guess you all know there is going to be a Mac for Manish Arora collection! I really don't know this man,but as I understand he is an Indian designer.

My Mac seller had the sample collection available and I've decided to buy it, without thinking really.....because the sample collection usually don't come in the special packaging....bummer!!!!!

Well...anyway, I've received the goodies and tooks pics, but didn't swatch them yet but I will soon....
These are the product pics for this collection!
The eyeshadows from the palette....

The lipsticks & lipglosses

And the wonderful blush Devil!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait for that collection!
- Susanne

The Decadent Life said...

The eye palette is going to be nice, but the only color I would want it for is going bananas since I either have or have dupes for everything else. Oh well, money saved, right? lol. I love the shine manish lipglass though, I'm a sucker for bright orange, and devil looks pretty fabulous too. I can't wait to see the Red She Said stuff, hope it's good!

viagra said...

nice stock of make up, where did you get this awesome stuff sweety ? I love specially the deep blue lipstick