Friday, June 20, 2008

Colour Forms USA release (Nordstrom only!) pigments

The upcoming Coloursform collection from Mac is also a highly anticipated collection, unfortunately for some of us it will be sold at Nordstrom only (Nordstrom is a high-end department store in the USA). But there are some other places in the world were this collection will also be available, unfortunately not in The Netherlands where I live.

So you can imagine I was very thrilled to receive quite a few items from this collection!! By the way, the collection will be available on July, 19th....

These are the pictures and swatches from the pigments from this collection, these are the colour descriptions that Mac has got for them:

Royal Flush - Frosty mid-tone red
Gilded Green - Frosty mid-tone green w/ gold pearlized pigments
Tea Time - Bronzed brown w/ multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
Jardin Aires - Tan w/ gold pearlized pigments (Repromote from Strange Hybrid and Heatherette) not in the picture....
Circa Plum - Frosty mid-tone lavender
Steel Blue - Rich deep turquoise greenblue w/ small pearlized pigments (PRO)

This weekend I will be selling some samples from the jars I have, I will sell 1/4 tsp in a screw top sample jar for $ 3.00 plus shipping. I will ship anywhere in the world, shipping is not too expensive unless you would like to have delivery confirmation, more details will follow!!!


MamadeLovesMAC said...

Thank you for all of your awesome swatches. I just found your blog and you are by far my favorite.

Anonymous said...

hi hun,
thank you for always posting beautiful swatches for us on Specktra.also, i love your blog it's really helpful.
however, i just wanted to let you know that Color Forums is sold exclusively not only at Nordstrom but also at The Bay department store in Canada as well.
thought you'd be interested in knowing:)

thanks again!