Sunday, June 22, 2008

Colour Forms Richmetal Highlighters.....<3

The Colour Forms collection will be a big ones and it includes many "new" products, which is always nice!!! In the case of the Richmetal Highlighter is not really true because they have been part of the Mac Couture collection which was released in November 2006. Anyway....there are some new colors....

Ones of the best products of this collection is the Richmetal Highlighter, this is a creamy eyeshadow which is very sheer and will do a perfect job as a highlighter all over...not just on your eyes. This is the description Mac has given :

Richmetal Highlighter is a highlighter that can be used to create intense, multi-dimensional, metallic-looking effects on the skin.

They are the same size as the Cream Colour Base, but much different in texture. They are not sticky at all and you can build & blend with them.....they are really nice. I apply them with my finger(which works great!) or with the #217 brush, they even make a good base for pigments and they do not crease!!! I've used them all alone and with UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and everything stayed put!!

There are 6 in the collection, these are the colours:

Female - Frosty pale pink w/ green gold pearlized pigments
Deep Deposit - Frosty deep blackened burgandy
Quick Flash - Frosty warm gold
Rose Bullion - Frosty mid-tone pink w/ gold pearlized pigments
Dark Influence - Frosty purple w/ pink pearlized pigments
Positive Charge - Frosty copper w/ gold pearlized pigments

Here are pictures and swatches from 5 of the RM Highlighters, I still have to make a picture of Dark Influence......stay tuned for that!


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