Monday, June 9, 2008

Mac New View collection

Mac New View collection, release date July 2008

Colour story details are as follows:

MSF Duos: (LE)
Light Medium / Natural and Shimmer - Pale golden beige / Warm yellow beige
Medium/Natural and Shimmer - Soft creamy beige / Light peachy pink
Medium Dark / Natural and Shimmer - Caramel / Light tan
Dark Natural and Shimmer - Deep caramel / Mid-tone yellow gold
Deep Dark / Natural and Shimmer - Rich golden bronze / Deep copper bronze

#189 Brush

I've already received the new #189 brush.....and I don't know.....but it just doesn't seem to be the best brush to use for this collection.

It is a large, flat foundation kind of brush, it feels and looks like a larger #194 brush. I think it's great to use with liquid foundations but not to great to use with powders and most definitely not Mineralize Skinfinishes.....I prefer to use a real powder brush like the #150 or #134 brush to use with the MSF Natural and the #182 or #187 to use the MSF.....

But it's beautiful brush and will definitely fit into my brush collection!! And I think I will use ir anyway.....

Oh.....and I hope to receive all the MSF duo's in a few make some pictures and swatches....and I will probably sell the duo's that are not my colors.....keep posted for that!

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