Sunday, June 22, 2008

More info about the pigment sample sale...

I've got more information about the shipping charges of the pigment samples. I live in The Netherlands, so shipping within Europe is cheaper then the rest of the world, which is everywhere except Europe!

To keep think simple I will give you the prices for Europe and for the rest of the world:


1/4 tsp. Pigment sample EUR 2,00 a piece

Shipping for 1 sample EUR 0,75

Shipping for 2-6 samples EUR 1,50

Shipping for 7-13 samples EUR 2,25

Shipping for more then 14 samples EUR 3,00

Rest of the world (Asia, America, Australia etc...)

1/4 tsp. pigment sample USD/$ 3.00 a piece

Shipping for 1 sample $ 1.45

Shipping for 2-6 samples $ 2.90

Shipping for 7-13 samples $ 4.35

Shipping for more then 14 samples $ 5.75

The shipping charges include priority mail without delivery confirmation and a new bubble wrap envelope.

I also have many more other pigments so if you are interested in other pigments samples you can also ask for them! I will post a list of my pigments soon......

If you would like to order, please send me a email with your adress and your paypal adress, I will send you an invoice by Paypal a.s.a.p.!


Clara said...

Hi Debbie, do you have sweet sienna? thanks

Lushious Babe said...

@Clara....yes I do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, I'm new to your site, it looks awesome! Referred from
I'm wondering if you have any of the pigment samples from either Color Forms or Overrich available any longer? I would take a sample of each pigment from that collection if you have it. Not worried about the cost or shipping just let me know what you have (if anything) and how much it would be. I'm in the USA. Email is
Thanks so much!

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