Monday, June 16, 2008

Sonic Chic collection USA release July 2008

One of the most wanted upcoming Mac collections is the Sonic Chic mineralize blush collection! This will be released in July 2008, no exact date is known just yet.
This is the first time Mac has come out with mineralize blushes so everyone is anxiously awaiting their release. And right they are because everything sounds and looks promissing!

This is the color story:

Dainty - Yellow pink with gold pearl
Warm Soul - Mid tone beige with gold
Nuance - Mid tone peach with gold pearl
Gentle - Raspberry with Gold Pearl
Gleeful- Deep dirty blue pink with gold pearl
Merrily - Dirty burned red with gold pearl
Love Thing - Dirty burgundy with gold pearl
Love Joy - Mid tone brown with gold pearl
Pleasantry - Intense mid tone blue pink with gold pearl

And here are my pictures, I will do swatches soon. I will also try to compare them to my MSF's!


nywele said...

thank you for the swatches :)

Riley said...

wow!! thanks! how much 'grams' are they compared to regular blushes?

Lushious Babe said...


@Riley, they are the regular blush size and I think they are 6 grams, but I'm not completely sure because I have samples and not original jars with all the stickers!

mya said...

i hope i can get to see the other colours too. you're much appreciated!

Livia said...

hi, how would you compare pleasantry with sweetness beauty powder blush? thanks! I'm really interested in these.. can't wait till they're out in the UK! I love your blog too by the way =)

Lushious Babe said...

Livia, I will try to compare them soon, keep posted!

Lydia said...

Oooo these are so pretty! Thanks for the swatches!