Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electro Flash swatches and pictures

I've also received 6 of the mineralized eyeshadows from the upcoming Electro Flash collection. And I have to say, they look better then I imagined.

I'm not a great mineralize e/s lover, because usually the color payoff is minimal, great for a light wash of color with glitters but not very pigmented. But in the case, it's very different, the pigmentation of the e/s is very good,especially the "mono" part of the duo e/s. The "melange" half of the e/s is more sheer, but that works great together!

I will try to do some comparisions with other e/s soon, so keep posted for more!!


the Muse said...

ugh totally jealous! Those look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get the release so early!?

Lucky girl ;)

D.LO said...

i nEED to know how you got these before they even came out!!!!!! Im totally JEALOUS!! Please do share the secret!

Lushious Babe said...

Sorry girls but I can not reveal my source! ;-)

Hope you're not too mad?? :-)

the Muse said...

mad never! Jealous, BIG TIME ;)


Enjoy your awesome MAC ;-)

I can't wait until it hits our shores!

Valerie said...

Those MES look amazing,and would you happen to know if your source has a friend that does the same thing in Ottawa, Canada?


Anonymous said...

Lushious babe:

I ran into your blog (thru Temptalia) and couldn't help but notice, doesn't two to glow and polar opposites remind you of "engaging" and "silver family" from 2007's mes? Just wondering!
Man you are 1 lucky girl! You get to play w/these b4 they come out! :) Mari

nywele said...

thank you for the swatches :)
I can't wait to get two to glow, play on plums and odd couple

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