Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mac pigments samples for sale, colour forms & overrich

I have a limited number of 1/4 tsp. samples from the upcoming Colour Forms and Overrich collections for sale!!
I will make pigment samples in a screwtop 5 gr. sample jar, the jars are new and never used. They will cost $ 3.00 each, I will ship anywhere in the world and the shipping fees are the normale shipping rates here in The Netherlands plus $ 0.40 for a bubble wrap envelope. So it just depends on how many samples you buy.....

In the thread about the Colour Forms collection, you can see pictures of the pigments and swatches. I will post pictures of the Overrich pigments tomorrow....also I will post a picture of an example of a pigment sample.

These are the colours I have:

Colour Forms
Circa Plum
Gilded Green
Tea Time
Steel Blue
Royal Flush

Heritage Rouge
Antique Green
Vintage Gold
Museum Bronze
Blonde's Gold
Mega Rich

I accept payment by Paypal, but will only ship out once the payment is cleared! I will ship the same day the payment is cleared. I do have 100 % feedback on Ebay, so please check this out if you like, my username is Lushiousbeauty.

Please email me or leave a message here, I will get back to you a.s.a.p.!


Anonymous said...

hi sorry this doesn't have anything to do w/ this post...just wondering is the Richmetal Highlighters the size of a blush ro cream color base?? thank you.

Lydia said...

Wow this blog is so awesome... do you ever ship to the US?

Lushious Babe said...

@Lydia, I do ship the pigments samples to the US!

Clara said...

Hi there, are the pigments $3 EURO or USD? I am in Australia, do you know approximately how much the postage will be?

(sorry that might be a silly question but I am new to yr blog and loving it !!)

I would like some of the colour forms pigments but would like to have a look at the overrich collection and see if I would like some others...


Nell said...

Hi Debbie,
wrote you an email.

Distinque said...

Hi Debbie, How much would shipping be to Hawaii? I'm very much interested in purchasing some pigments

Tamara said...

Hello Debbie! I'm Sound Of Vision from Temptalia :D

Anyways, how much for shipping to Croatia? :D

Tamara said...

Oh sorry, saw it now...I went straight to this post as someone linked to it...

macdonna said...

Do you still have any samples left?

macdonna said...

Do you still have any samples left?

macdonna said...

Do you still have any pigment samples left to sell?

Anonymous said...

Hey hon... I'm interested in Antique Green, Heritage Rouge, and Gilded Green. If they're still available, send me a message at DismalDamsel on MUA-we've swapped before!


Anonymous said...

Any pigments left I would like gilded green and royal flush if you have any left 2 of each for my gf. have paypal ready shipping to canada please. thanks you rock!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Hi do you ship to Singapore? If yes, can you state the shipping price? thanks